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Gökbörü Kürşat Çeliker, 2017

Opis: The World War II and what happened in the process of the war had given a great lesson for humanity. After the war, the necessity of taking measures to avoid any further destruction was accepted by everyone. There is no doubt that United Nations is the most important step of the humanity for the protection of universal human rights and avoiding such a bad drama. It has been influential in the establishment of the United Nations that the necessity of creating an organization that respects human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is adopted by the United Nations in December 10, 1948. Since it is the first international and official document on human rights, the day is celebrated every year all around the world. In accordance with these developments, the European Court of Human Rights which Turkey is a founding member in, signed the European Convention on Human Rights on November 4, 1950. With this document, human rights began to be considered as important by the countries all around the world. In accordance with these developments in the human rights developments around the world, Turkey also regulated its internal legislation. Although there are necessary changes that are made in the legislation, there are some problems with the application. One of the most important reasons of the working on the arrest, detention and taking into custody that Turkey's situation against the European Court of Human Rights. Many of personal applications made against Turkey is related to the applications that seems full of missing process in the arrest and police supervision. They are also related to the attitute towards the defendants in Turkey. The aim of this study is to eliminate the problems caused by the application that is held during the arrest, detention and custody operations. In this way, the state will not have to pay state compensation and officers will not face the risk of recourse. Most importantly, our country's prestige will not be shaken in the international arena.
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Ključne besede: arrest, custody, police supervision, United Nations, European human rights law
Objavljeno: 12.06.2019; Ogledov: 1813; Prenosov: 87
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