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Title:Bankruptcy proceedings : Kosovo legislation comparing to European union
Authors:ID Boshnjaku, Alba (Author)
ID Zejnullahu, Njomeza (Mentor) More about this mentor... New window
Files:.pdf RAZ_Boshnjaku_Alba_i2016.pdf (513,82 KB)
MD5: BB274E5A4E80A760F1E82523C4634C94
Work type:Bachelor thesis/paper
Typology:2.11 - Undergraduate Thesis
Organization:EVRO-PF - Nova Univerza - European Faculty of Law
Abstract:The concept of bankruptcy can be traced back to antiquity but its development as a legal institution is considered to have started once debt recovery became directed towards a debtorʼs estate instead of debtorʼs body, and when the procedure of such recovery became a concern of the state authorities instead of personal arbitration, as it was practiced in primitive societies. A well-developed economy is highly dependent on the efficiency of bankruptcy procedures. Unable to meet their financial obligations, insolvent debtors are forced to file for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy procedure will either give the debtor a fresh start through reorganization, or cease its existence by enforcing liquidation measures. Noting the importance of this subject matter as a vital element of domestic and global markets, it is a must for each country to regulate bankruptcy proceedings by adopting an effective legal and institutional framework. This paper provides an in-depth research on legislative and institutional framework of bankruptcy systems implemented both in Kosovo and in European Union. It tends to emphasize the flaws of the former Law on Liquidation and Reorganization of Legal Persons in Kosovo and the desperate need to reform the bankruptcy system through efficient legal means. The level of compliance of Kosovoʼs new Law on Bankruptcy with the European Union Regulation on cross-border insolvency is as well put into perspective.
Keywords:bankruptcy, liquidation, debtor, creditor, Kosovo, European union, bachelor thesis
Place of publishing:Prishtina
Place of performance:Prishtina
Publisher:[A. Boshnjaku]
Year of publishing:2016
Year of performance:2016
Number of pages:60 f.
PID:20.500.12556/ReVIS-4790 New window
COBISS.SI-ID:1024712817 New window
Note:Dipl. delo 1. stopnje bolonjskega študija;
Publication date in ReVIS:16.08.2018
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