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Program za zmanjševanje padcev pri odraslih pacientih
Neža Justin, 2015

Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: preprečevanje padcev, bolnišnice, kakovost
Published: 19.02.2016; Views: 3414; Downloads: 212
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Job satisfaction of nurses and identifying factors of job satisfaction in Slovenian hospitals
Mateja Lorber, Brigita Skela-Savič, 2012

Abstract: Aim. To determine the level of job satisfaction of nursing professionals in Slovenian hospitals and factors influencing job satisfaction in nursing. Methods. The study included 4 hospitals selected from the hospital list comprising 26 hospitals in Slovenia. The employees of these hospitals represent 29.8% and 509 employees included in the study represent 6% of all employees in nursing in Slovenian hospitals. One structured survey questionnaire was administered to the leaders and the other to employees, bothconsisting 154 items evaluated on a 5 point Likert-type scale. We examinedthe correlation between independent variables (age, number of years ofemployment, behavior of leaders, personal characteristics of leaders, and managerial competencies of leaders) and the dependent variable (job satisfaction - satisfaction with the work, coworkers, management, pay, etc) byapplying correlation analysis and multivariate regression analysis. In addition, factor analysis was used to establish characteristic components of the variables measured. Results. We found a medium level of job satisfaction in both leaders (3.49Ž0.5) and employees (3.19Ž0.6), however, there was a significant difference between their estimates (t=3.237; P=lt;0.001). Job satisfaction was explained by age (Plt;0.05; Ž=0.091), years of employment (Plt;0.05; Ž=0.193), personal characteristics of leaders (Plt;0.001; Ž=0.158),and managerial competencies of leaders (Plt;0.000; Ž=0.634) in 46% ofcases. The factor analysis yielded four factors explaining 64% of the total job satisfaction variance. Conclusion. Satisfied employees play a crucial rolein an organization's success, so health care organizations must be aware of the importance of employees' job satisfaction. It is recommended to monitoremployees' job satisfaction levels on an annual basis.
Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: Javno zdravstvo, Bolnišnice, Zadovoljstvo na delovnem mestu, Slovenija
Published: 24.02.2017; Views: 4498; Downloads: 142
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Atravmatska obravnava otroka in mladostnika
Suzana Tatić, 2018

Found in: ključnih besedah
Keywords: otroci, bolnišnice, bolečine, medicinske sestre, atravmatska obravnava, pravice
Published: 08.01.2019; Views: 2182; Downloads: 120
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