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Student data mining solution - knowledge management system related to higher education institutions
Srečko Natek, Moti Zwilling, 2014

Opis: Higher education institutions (HEIs) are often curious whether students will be successful or not during their study. Before or during their courses the academic institutions try to estimate the percentage of successful students. But is it possible to predict the success rate of students enrolled in their courses? Are there any specific student characteristics, which can be associated with the student success rate? Is there any relevant student data available to HEIs on the basis of which they could predict the student success rate? The answers to the above research questions can generally be obtained using data mining tools. Unfortunately, data mining algorithms work best with large data sets, while student data, available to HEIs, related to courses are limited and falls into the category of small data sets. Thus, the study focuses on data mining for small student data sets and aims to answer the above research questions by comparing two different data mining tools. The conclusions of this study are very promising and will encourage HEIs to incorporate data mining tools as an important part of their higher education knowledge management systems.
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Ključne besede: data mining, knowledge management system, student's success rate, data mining for small data set, higher education institutions, educational data mining
Objavljeno: 19.02.2016; Ogledov: 7230; Prenosov: 314 (1 glas)
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EU growth strategy indicators 2020 and economic growth
Aynur Pala

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Ključne besede: growth, education, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emission, poverty, static panel regression
Objavljeno: 01.02.2018; Ogledov: 1684; Prenosov: 73

Business Plan For The Growth of a Company - EDVRD Education AB
Barbara Podobnik, 2020

Opis: The paper includes a presentation and growth strategy for EdVRd Education AB whose aim is to grow and expand globally. By using specific methods and tools, I prepared a plan to ensure the desired growth of the company and I also researched through an online survey with key customers. The paper aims to use specific tools to explore the company’s growth potential and whether there is a need for the product in the market. Furthermore, I also determined the most suitable pricing and development strategy for the company. Since the paper concluded that the company has prerequisites to grow, it will be used during the growth as well as a tool to attract potential investors.
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Ključne besede: business growth, business plan, education, technology, soft skills
Objavljeno: 23.04.2021; Ogledov: 1145; Prenosov: 6
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Enterpreneurial [i. e. Entrepreneurial] competencises [ i. e. competencies] in higher education
Franci Vidic, Yeliz Yeşil, 2020

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Ključne besede: entrepreneurship, universities, education, Slovenia, Turkey
Objavljeno: 12.11.2021; Ogledov: 689; Prenosov: 60
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Educational leadership for national curriculum implementation
Osman Buleshkaj, 2021

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Ključne besede: leadership, curriculum implementation, education, Kosovo
Objavljeno: 30.03.2022; Ogledov: 501; Prenosov: 42
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