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A decision support system for identity and access management
Miljenko Hajnić, 2022

Opis: Managing redeployment of employees is a complex and highly demanding process for a company’s decision-makers in the human resources department since it requires fast responsiveness, in particular when there is a huge amount of requests and activities required to answer the organizational needs. Redeployment requires multiple evaluations of employees and organizational units involving many attributes, such as education, skills, work experience, and distance from the workplace, to name a few. Consequently, every redeployment task causes a new cycle of granting new access rights to the company’s application software. Since the whole granting access procedure can take from several hours up to several days, depending on the number of IT administrators and the number of employees’ user accounts that have to be appropriately configured, the cost of employee redeployment is directly reflected through the overhead expense for employees while they wait for their user account to be updated, and in the meantime, the company’s income will be lower than the projected one. To address this problem, this doctoral thesis focuses on the importance of key service interoperability and the development of software components that enable the integration of the decision model with Human Resources Management software and Identity and Access Management software into the decision support system in order to increase the company’s efficiency and effectiveness. Key service interoperability was achieved by first developing a decision support model using the Decision EXpert (DEX) method. The developed DEX model was applied for a logical base in the development of the web-based application. We developed a custom web-based application that evaluates multiple entities at once and proposes several appropriate alternatives ranked by three novel algorithms that we developed for three different contexts of employee redeployments. Our web-based application is a software prototype designed for easy integration with other business applications involved in the process of employee redeployment. Finally, we performed several process simulations to conceptually test the possibility, feasibility and profitability of software improvements and integrations.
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Ključne besede: decision support, decision expert, human resources, redeployment, identity and access management
Objavljeno: 25.02.2022; Ogledov: 170; Prenosov: 22
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Merjenje zadovoljstva potrošnikov s ponudbo izbranega podjetja
Monika Kovačič, 2022

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Ključne besede: potrošniki, zadovoljstvo, zvestoba, podjetje, management znanja
Objavljeno: 24.06.2022; Ogledov: 16; Prenosov: 3
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