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Sustainable retrofitting measures with emphasis on energy efficiency of the residential sector in Pristina : doktorska disertacija
Elmi Konjusha, 2021, doktorska disertacija

Opis: More than 20 years after the war, in Kosovo environmental degradation is increasing at an unprecedented rate. A large share of emissions that negatively influence the Kosovo environment is due to the outdated energy systems and inefficient buildings. A large potential for energy reduction is identified in the existing multistorey residential buildings, especially in urban centers, since most of them were built before 1999 and are not well maintained. The thesis focuses on potentials of those buildings with the goal of approaching the retrofitting process in a holistic manner. The holistic approach includes three sustainability pillars (environment, economy, socio-cultural aspects) and horizontal aspects, above all technical and process quality. From environmental perspective, the proposed dissertation deals with the energy efficiency in terms of using thermal energy more efficiently in the Pristina district buildings. The less energy those buildings use, less pollution (greenhouse gasses etc.) will be released into the air. From economic perspective, the focus is on the costs (operation, maintenance, repair costs and replacement costs). From socio-cultural aspects, the focus is on residents’ indoor comfort and well-being. Technical aspects focus on the quality of the installed building elements, like windows and heating system, and on their performance. Process quality is focused on the methodology that would enable multyfactor analyses and holistic approach to retrofitting, as well as the possibility to introduce features to improve control and manage energy consumption in buildings. A thorough survey in several multistorey residential buildings in Pristina, carried out in the form of questionnaires and energy audits, reveal several common quality and efficiency problems like insufficient thermal comfort, high energy use and high running costs. The proposed methodology for holistic approach toward energy retrofitting of apartment blocks focuses on these and other issues. It is tested on three realistic cases in Pristina, built before the year 1999. Several measures are proposed to show the potential for increasing the level of apartments’ efficiency and quality.
Ključne besede: prihranki, ogrevanje, energija, stavbe, kakovost zraka
Objavljeno v ReVIS: 04.01.2022; Ogledov: 809; Prenosov: 61
.pdf Celotno besedilo (7,35 MB)

Predelava linije za proizvodnjo pelet v podjetju X : diplomska naloga
Srečko Brulc, 2020, diplomsko delo

Ključne besede: biomasa, obnovljivi viri energije, ogrevanje, peleti, peletirna linija
Objavljeno v ReVIS: 04.12.2020; Ogledov: 1860; Prenosov: 116
.pdf Celotno besedilo (2,12 MB)

Primernost postavitev sežigalnice : diplomska naloga
Boštjan Rifelj, 2019, diplomsko delo

Ključne besede: elektrika, energija, odpadki, ogrevanje, okolje, sežigalnice
Objavljeno v ReVIS: 05.11.2019; Ogledov: 2308; Prenosov: 166
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,01 MB)

Primerjava toplotnih črpalk iz ekonomskega vidika : diplomska naloga
Miran Sašek, 2017, diplomsko delo

Ključne besede: toplotne črpalke, ogrevanje, investicije v toplotne črpalke, dimenzioniranje
Objavljeno v ReVIS: 16.05.2019; Ogledov: 3040; Prenosov: 135
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,64 MB)

Načrtovanje nizkoenergijske hiše : diplomsko delo
Jože Kovač, 2017, diplomsko delo

Ključne besede: ogrevalni sistemi, ogrevanje stavb, smotrna raba energije, nizkoenergijske hiše, toplotni ovoj
Objavljeno v ReVIS: 15.05.2019; Ogledov: 2748; Prenosov: 113
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,98 MB)

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