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Outstanding problems in nonequilibrium statistical physics
Marco Faggian, 2019

Opis: This PhD thesis is mainly devoted to the study of different problems in nonequilibrium systems that undergo certain phase transitions. The first part of this thesis constitutes a brief review of fundamental concepts in statistical physics. Many of them, of course, will be useful in the remaining of the thesis. My research is thus articulated in three main chapters. The second chapter focuses on a numerical and experimental evidence of an absorbing phase transition, so far associated with spatiotemporal dynamics provided in a purely temporal optical system. We provide a numerical and experimental study of an effective model for a bistable semiconductor laser, with long-delayed opto-electronic feedback and multiplicative noise showing the peculiar features of a critical phenomenon belonging to the directed percolation universality class. In the third part of the thesis we present a random network of heterogeneous phase oscillators in which the links mediating the interactions are constantly rearranged with a characteristic timescale and an extremely low instantaneous connectivity. We will show that, provided strong coupling and fast enough rewiring are considered, the network is able to reach partial synchronisation even in the vanishing connectivity limit. The last part is dedicated to a systematic test of an effective thermodynamics approach proposed for the identification of critical phase transitions in nonequilibrium systems by making a formal analogy with equilibrium systems. When the authors apply it to experimental data of neurons, this method seems to bring a signature of a "special critical point". However, the approach has never been tested on synthetic data and for this reason we will test it on out of equilibrium toy models that display critical transition in a known range of parameters. In the concluding section I summarise and briefly comment my main results and sketch some directions for further research.
Ključne besede: statistična fizika, ravnotežna statistična fizika, neenakomerna statistična fizika, termodinamika, kritični pojavi, kritična točka, Kuramoto model, skupina za renormalizacijo, samoorganizirana kritičnost omrežja, Zipfov zakon, efektivni termodinamični pristop
Objavljeno: 28.05.2019; Ogledov: 469; Prenosov: 34
.pdf Celotno besedilo (14,36 MB)

Automatic reconstruction of complex dynamical networks
Marc Grau Leguia, 2019

Opis: A foremost problem in network science is how to reconstruct (infer) the topology of a real network from signals measured from its internal units. Grasping the architecture of complex networks is key, not only to understand their functioning, but also to predict and control their behaviour. Currently available methods largely focus on the detection of links of undirected networks and often require strong assumptions about the system. However, many of these methods cannot be applied to networks with directional connections. To address this problem, in this doctoral work we focus at the inference of directed networks. Specifically, we develop a model-based network reconstruction method that combines statistics of derivative-variable correlations with simulated annealing. We furthermore develop a data-driven reconstruction method based on a nonlinear interdependence measure. This method allows one to infer the topology of directed networks of chaotic Lorenz oscillators for a subrange of the coupling strength and link density. Finally, we apply the data-driven method to multichannel electroencephalographic recordings from an epilepsy patient. The functional brain networks obtained from this approach are consistent with the available medical information.
Ključne besede: network reconstruction, simulated annealing, dynamical systems, nonlinear interdependence measure, EEG
Objavljeno: 19.04.2019; Ogledov: 517; Prenosov: 33
.pdf Celotno besedilo (6,96 MB)

Multilevel complex systems approaches to computational linguistics
Kristina Ban, 2018

Opis: Complex systems are omnipresent in nature, society as well as in human culture. Last few decades saw an increase of interest for their study, particularly by using graph-theoretic methodologies. By identifying systems' units as nodes and modelling interactions between the units as links, the study of complex networks spread to a number of disciplines including sociology, biology and linguistics, to just mention a few. The research done in this doctoral dissertation falls in this context. The core of this doctoral work is the data-driven multilevel analysis of major human languages, which was done in two stages. First, we looked at the speed of growth of Wikipedias in 26 different languages over the span of 15 years. This involved creating and analysing a dataset with 14962 articles, each of which exists in all 26 languages. We found six well-defined clusters of Wikipedias that share common growth patterns, with their make-up robust against the method used for their determination. Interestingly, the identified clusters were found to have little correlation with the respective language families. Rather, our results suggest that growth of Wikipedias is primarily governed by an intricate set of other factors, from culture to information literacy. Second, to approach human languages at another independent level, we gathered a dataset comprising a list of syllables and a list of syllables words in 10 different languages, specifically: English, Dutch, German, Russian, Slovenian, Croatian, French, Spanish, Latin and Basque. These datasets were obtained from recognized repositories for each language and benchmarked in the same way. Syllable networks were created by looking at pairs of syllables that jointly compose at least one word. We then carried out a systematic network analysis, relying on both standard network analysis methods and more recent techniques, such as K-core analysis and graphlet statistics. Research revealed striking similarities between the architectures of syllable networks that belong to the same language family, along with expected differences between the families. Indeed, structures of syllable networks were found to well quantify the linguistic similarities among these 10 languages, exactly as known from classical linguistics. Most interestingly, we found that Basque language, whose classification is as of today still unknown, bares a strong resemblance to Latin, at least when syllable network representation is concerned. Earlier stages of this doctoral work involved comparing the performance of network alignment algorithms, used in bioinformatics for studying protein networks. Several alignment algorithms were compared by scoring their performance on standard protein datasets. It was found that three algorithms, HUBALIGN, L-GRAAL and NATALIE, regularly produce the most topologically and biologically coherent alignments. Due to the change of doctoral adviser, this research topic was abandoned in favour of language/syllable networks. In sum, this doctoral work involved two distinct directions of research in network science, one related to developing the methodology of network analysis (alignment algorithms), and the other devoted to extracting new information from specifically designed datasets (syllable networks). Therefore, the original contribution of this work to science includes both theory and methodology. Future research avenues include advancement along both directions, most interesting being the application of network alignment methods to syllable datasets, which could reveal more precise quantification of structural differences among syllable networks.
Ključne besede: computational statistics, biostatistics, bioinformatics, machine learning, computational linguistics
Objavljeno: 21.12.2018; Ogledov: 1038; Prenosov: 56
.pdf Celotno besedilo (17,51 MB)

Zavedanje domačih uporabnikov v Sloveniji o varnostnih grožnjah pri uporabi domačega računalnika
Uroš Urbas, 2018

Opis: Sodobno gospodarstvo in industrija sta postala odvisna od informacijsko-telekomunikacijskih tehnologij. Podjetja brez informacijsko podprtega poslovanja dandanes ne morejo več delovati v globalnem svetu. Kibernetska varnost zato postaja glavni problem, izziv. Podjetja, predvsem večja, se tega že dobro zavedajo in vsako leto vlagajo vse več sredstev za zagotavljanje kibernetske varnosti. Kako pa se tega problema lotevajo domači uporabniki v Sloveniji? Ali se zavedajo vseh pasti, imajo dovolj znanja s tega področja, kakšne ukrepe sprejemajo za zaščito in varno uporabo domačega računalnika? Da bi prišli do teh spoznanj, smo v magistrski nalogi najprej izvedli raziskavo z izvajanjem intervjujev, na podlagi le-teh pa oblikovali anketni vprašalnik.
Ključne besede: kibernetska varnost, kibernetski kriminal, domači uporabnik, domači računalnik, zavedanje, tveganje
Objavljeno: 21.12.2018; Ogledov: 879; Prenosov: 94
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,76 MB)

Razvoj spletne aplikacije za spremljanje prevozov v podjetju
David Kralj, 2018

Opis: Magistrska naloga predstavlja razvoj aplikacije za spremljanje prevozov v podjetju. To je spletna aplikacija, ki je namenjena podjetju Transport Bruna d.o.o. Cilj spletne aplikacije je vozniku olajšati beleženje prevozov in obenem podjetju nuditi sproten nadzor nad prevozi in stroški, ki zadevajo prevoze ter njihova vozila. V nalogi so opisana uporabljena razvojna orodja in tehnologije za razvoj spletnih aplikacij, kot tudi sama predstavitev in delovanje spletne aplikacije. Rezultat je izdelana spletna aplikacija, ki omogoča beleženje prevozov, strank in stroškov.
Ključne besede: spletna aplikacija, MVC, ASP.NET, prevozi, podatkovna baza
Objavljeno: 30.11.2018; Ogledov: 1020; Prenosov: 88
.pdf Celotno besedilo (2,74 MB)

Primerjalna analiza Evklidske in Poincaréjeve metrike v algoritmih strojnega učenja
Alenka Trpin, 2018

Opis: Živimo v času, ko si življenja brez računalnikov ne predstavljamo. Množična uporaba tako imenovane informacijsko komunikacijske tehnologije je proizvedla velike količine podatkov, ki jih sami ne moremo interpretirati in uporabiti. Z orodji podatkovnega rudarjenja in strojnega učenja se velike množice podatkov lahko obdelajo in uporabijo za napovedovanje in klasifikacijo. Eno od orodij za tako obdelavo podatkov je WEKA. Naloga temelji na osnovnem klasifikacijskem agoritem k najbližjih sosedov. V različnih panogah (gospodarstvo, zdravstvo, vojska...) se vedno bolj uporablja in shranjuje podatkovne baze raznovrstnih slik oziroma fotografij. Pri prepoznavanju podobosti med dvema fotografijama je pomembno, da algoritem prepozna določene vzorce. Prepoznavanje temelji na metriki. V ta namen je v orodje WEKA implementiran algoritem, ki temelji na Poincaréjevi metriki. Testiran je na podatkovni množici fotografij. Za namen primerjave je bil uporabljen algoritmom, ki temelji na evklidski metriki.
Ključne besede: podatkovno rudarjenje, strojno učenje, Poincaréjeva metrika, WEKA, k najbližjih sosedov, segmentacija
Objavljeno: 30.11.2018; Ogledov: 960; Prenosov: 71
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,07 MB)

Kako hitro pozabljamo?
David Udovč, 2018

Opis: Ljudje pozabljamo dogodke, ki so se že zgodili, ker so nenehno dogajajo novi dogodki. Prav tako pa dogodke skozi čas ponovno podoživljamo zaradi različnih sprožilcev, kot so mediji, tako dogodek ponovno obudimo, ampak le za kratek čas. V tem projektu uporabljam spletne podatke z analizo statistike obiskovalcev člankov iz Wikipedije o terorističnih napadih, letalskih nesrečah, naravnih nesrečah, športnih dogodkih in glasbenih koncertih po letu 2015. Najprej predstavim kritičen pregled literature o kolektivnem spominu, vplivu medijev in opis posameznih dogodkov. V metodologiji predstavim cilje in namen naloge, s katerimi orodji sem podatke vzorčil, zbiral in analiziral. Nato prikažem ugotovitve posameznih grafov s pomočjo linearne regresijske premice, s katero pokažem, kako hiter je upad zanimanja za posamezen dogodek. Na koncu o tem tudi prediskutiram in potrdim oziroma zavrnem hipoteze ter predstavim razmišljanja o nadaljnji raziskavi.
Ključne besede: podatki, analiza podatkov, RStudio, kolektivni spomin, digitalni mediji, teroristični napadi, naravne nesreče, letalske nesreče, kulturni dogodki, športni dogodki, pozabljanje
Objavljeno: 30.11.2018; Ogledov: 879; Prenosov: 70
.pdf Celotno besedilo (2,08 MB)

Zaščita in varovanje osebnih podatkov pri uporabi mobilnih aplikacij
Simon Šašek, 2018

Opis: Pametne mobilne naprave si težko predstavljamo brez mobilnih aplikacij, saj so glavno orodje za delovanje le-teh. S pomočjo mobilnih naprav lahko dandanes opravljamo skoraj vsa opravila, ki smo jih v preteklosti lahko opravljali le z računalnikom. Razvoj mobilnih naprav je v svet komunikacije in mobilnosti prinesel veliko pozitivnih sprememb. Ob uporabi raznovrstnih mobilnih naprav in aplikacij se je potrebno zavedati nevarnosti, ki so prisotne na vsakem koraku. Z raziskavo smo želeli preveriti, ali je zavedanje in varno vedenje uporabnikov mobilnih naprav na dovolj visoki ravni. Rezultati kažejo, da se udeleženci raziskave zavedajo nevarnosti, vendar premalo pozornosti posvečajo varni uporabi mobilnih naprav in aplikacij. Pri tem je namreč bistvenega pomena uporabnikovo izpopolnjevanje znanja in sledenje novim trendom varne uporabe mobilnih naprav.
Ključne besede: mobilna naprava, aplikacija, podatki, grožnje, nevarnost, zavedanje, vedenje
Objavljeno: 30.11.2018; Ogledov: 1579; Prenosov: 118
.pdf Celotno besedilo (1,23 MB)

Izdelava merilnega protokola s Keysight pro 9.32 vizualnim programskim orodjem
Aleksander Mihelič, 2018

Opis: V zadnjih nekaj deset letih so se razvila različna orodja, katera v osnovi za svoje delovanje uporabljajo algoritme. Kljub temu, da se tega ne zavedamo, nam algoritmi in posledično programiranje, krojijo tok življenja. Eno izmed takšnih programiranj je tudi vizualno grafično programiranje, ki ga imam namen opisati v svoji diplomski nalogi. Cilj moje diplomske naloge je v celoto povezati ustrezen program in LCR merilnik, katera bosta delovala usklajeno ter izvajala avtomatske meritve ter jih na koncu še ustrezno shranila. Program je v podjetju Iskra d.d. namenjen meritvam kondenzatorskega programa iz proizvodnih linij. Na koncu bom še primerjalno opisal, zakaj je nova programska različica boljša od obstoječe zastrele verzije ter odgovoril na zastavljena raziskovalna vprašanja.
Ključne besede: AQL, kondenzator, vizualno grafično programiranje, kakovost, LCR merilnik, IEC
Objavljeno: 30.11.2018; Ogledov: 756; Prenosov: 54
.pdf Celotno besedilo (4,20 MB)

Od amaterja do profesionalca
Anže Barle, 2018

Opis: Glavni namen diplomske naloge je bilo ugotoviti, kako postati e-Športnik. V teoretičnem delu sem spoznal, kaj je e-Šport, in njegovo zgodovino. Ugotovil sem, kakšne lastnosti potrebuje pravi e-Športnik in spoznal stanje e-Športa v Sloveniji, s kakšnimi težavami se soočajo organizatorji prireditev. V empiričnem delu sem z metodo anketiranja mlade slovenske igračarje vprašal o njihovem strinjanju z različnimi opisi e-Športa, poznavanju slovenskega e-Športa in spremljanja tekmovanj. Zavrnil sem hipotezo H3, ker so rezultati pokazali, da največ anketirancev enako rado tekmuje in spremlja tekmovanja. Z intervjuvanjem slovenskih e-Športnikov pa sem potrdil hipotezo H2. Hipoteza H1 je delno potrjena. Stanje e-Športa v Sloveniji ni zadovoljivo, lahko bi bilo veliko boljše. Slovenskih profesionalnih igralcev video iger je vsako leto več, prav tako je s številom organiziranih e-Športnih tekmovanj. V zadnjem delu naloge sem opisal optimalno pot od amaterskega do profesionalnega e-Športnika. Ta pot ni preprosta, vendar, če počneš nekaj, kar imaš rad, potem je ta pot dosti lažja.
Ključne besede: elektronski šport, e-Šport, e-Športnik, video igre, računalniške igre, turnirji, profesionalizacija prostega časa, šport
Objavljeno: 30.11.2018; Ogledov: 786; Prenosov: 88
.pdf Celotno besedilo (992,20 KB)

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