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Positioning in foreign markets with a new international brand
Tamara Žarn, 2019

Opis: The thesis discusses the problem of positioning in foreign markets with a new international brand for the company Reklame Žarn. The first section of the theoretical part explains what is meant by brand concept, branding and different types of brands. It looks closely at B2B versus B2C brands, along with global versus local brands. The first section of the theoretical part also explains the important process of creating a new brand. The second section of the theoretical part explains the concept of an international brand and foreign market entry strategies. Also discussed are the role and specifics of SMEs in international business environments and strategic planning of international activities. The final section of the theoretical part presents our findings on how the planning of international branding activities influences successful positioning in foreign markets. The aim of the research was to identify the means of minimizing the risk of failure for companies when entering foreign markets and choosing a brand name and logo. Two surveys were first conducted: "Brand name suggestions/semantic test" and "Brand logo suggestions/semantic test", with 82 and 34 suitable respondents, respectively. Four interviews were conducted with some of Reklame Žarn's existing customers. The interviewees answered questions about the company's existing group of products or services to represent the future brand, with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the company's products and services market position, strengths and weaknesses. The practical part provides an interpretation of the key findings from the theoretical and empirical parts. A brand identity and brand elements were created based on previous findings and current know-how. An analysis of the current brand positioning was conducted, initial steps for the branding strategy were defined, and a market entry strategy was chosen.
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Ključne besede: international brand, B2B brand, narrow market segment, brand identity, brand strategy, market entry strategy, marketing research
Objavljeno: 04.07.2019; Ogledov: 1423; Prenosov: 96
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